Stainless Steel Wire Baskets, Custom Wire Baskets, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Baskets, Customised cleaning baskets

Neri-Mak designs and manufactures Stainless Steel Wire Baskets, and Custom Wire Baskets for customers in many different industries around the world. In addition to an extensive range of products, Neri-Mak develops and manufactures individual customer solutions with many years of experience and high technical competence.
Our wide range of products makes it easy to adapt to a wide variety of logistics requirements.


Design & construction

Our customers rely on Neri-Mak's know-how and technology to perfect every aspect of the design of your custom wire basket, from the shape of the cleaning basket to the materials used in it.
The stainless steel wire baskets and customized cleaning Baskets are manufactured individually due to their geometrical shapes and to the individual requirements.
Neri Mak has designed and produced over 2,500 different types of Stainless Steel Wire Baskets, Custom Wire Baskets, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Baskets, Customised cleaning baskets.


We bundle a wide range of competencies in the

  • construction,
  • metalworking,
  • automation,
  • surface treatment,
  • Welding technology

and offer our customers in selected industrial sectors unique, consistently innovative products as well as tailor-made solutions for cleaning baskets, workpiece carriers and Custom Wire Baskets

Profitability begins with consulting


Our application engineers focus on customer interests. We take individual customer ideas and requirements into account when calculating and designing products. Together with our customers, we develop solutions that optimally harmonize the factors of safety, service life and price.


We can manufacture everything you need precisely and quickly with our flexible and automated production systems,

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of industrial cleaning technology with extremely short response and delivery times, we are a highly qualified and proven partner of numerous established companies,

Packing, Packaging: 

In order to be able to optimally adapt our packaging to your products, we use a large number of different materials such as wood, cardboard, fabric, plastic and many more. 
Your orders will be packed with Euro pallets or wooden boxes.


We work with the largest logistics groups in the world, overcome borders - and master even the greatest logistical challenges. 
We are happy to take over the complete logistical handling of domestic and international transports (from general cargo to heavy loads) and always act quickly, flexibly and reliably - even with time-critical or unusual inquiries. 
Most of the dispatches are made incoterms CPT / DAP. These already include export costs, transport costs and insurance costs.

Design and construction of wire baskets

Wire baskets are designed according to the following criteria:

  • basket shape,
  • External dimensions of the basket
  • mesh size,
  • load capacity
  • Stackability
  • Basket weight
  • Robustness
  • Ergonomic use
  • cost-effectiveness

With the right design and materials, your stainless steel baskets and customized cleaning baskets will last for decades.
From the model to pre-series to series production: we manufacture and support your special models up to the start of production. We implement economical and tailor-made solutions made of stainless steel for you. With the know how of our employees and the experience from many projects, we regularly come up with practical and economically interesting solutions for your stainless steel customized baskets.

Wire baskets, stainless steel baskets, custom wire baskets and parts cleaning

Why are more and more companies relying on a universal basket system with which
Workpieces can be washed, transported and stored?

The technical developments with regard to increasing automation and flexibility, as well as increasing demands on residual dirt specifications and the surface properties of workpieces have contributed to the fact that safe parts handling is becoming increasingly important.

In order to meet these challenges, modular workpiece carrier systems were developed that enable companies to adapt their production to the respective logistics task quickly and economically with minimal effort.

We offer tailor-made stainless steel baskets and workpiece carrier systems with which the workpieces can be washed, transported, stacked and stored.

Our high quality wire baskets and stainless steel cleaning baskets are manufactured individually with precision tools and guarantee high positioning accuracy for automated production systems. 

Industrial parts cleaning 

Neri-Mak wire baskets, stainless steel baskets, 

In order to be able to ensure the purity of end products and to guarantee the quality of subsequent processes, soiling, oils and particles must be removed. The stainless steel cleaning baskets and wire baskets play a significant role.

For maximum cleaning efficiency

Due to the high accessibility of the washing medium to the workpieces, stainless steel cleaning baskets enable maximum flooding or spraying of the goods. This not only shortens the cleaning cycle time but also accelerates the drying process and thus contributes to increasing the washing capacity.

The stainless steel cleaning baskets and wire baskets are characterized by their excellent drainage properties. This largely avoids the carry-over of washing media. This extends the service life of the bath and thus increases the availability of the cleaning machine. The goods can be dried faster and with less energy.

The optimized part holders minimize the contact surfaces between the items to be cleaned and the stainless steel cleaning basket. As a result, on the one hand, the dirt is better rinsed off and does not stick to the part and, on the other hand, the formation of stains at contact points is prevented.

The speed and precision of our automatic production systems ensure the production of all types of stainless steel baskets that you need in the highest quality and on schedule.

Significant features of stainless steel wire baskets and cleaning baskets

  • Due to usage of high-quality stainless steel and electropolished surfaces, the wire baskets have a high level of corrosion resistance. it underlines with its elegant appearance, the high-quality workmanship and at the same time gives the cleaning basket a dirt-repellent effect.
  • All corners and edges are rounded during manufacture and there is no risk of damage or injury during transport and material flow.
  • Stainless steel baskets and workpiece carriers are designed for the automated production of products
  • Optimal workpiece cleaning through manufacturing from wire.
  • stainless steel wire baskets have a low dead weight with maximum stability and rigidity.
  • Stainless steel baskets are stackable
  • All stainless steel cleaning baskets are suitable for cleaning with aqueous media and solvents

Neri wire baskets are developed with great care and are manufactured with a high degree of precision.

Shapes of the wire baskets

We offer wire baskets in a wide variety of shapes 

  • stainless steel Round and cylindrical baskets 
  • stainless steel Rectangular baskets
  • stainless steel Hexagonal baskets


Wire baskets, stainless steel baskets

In addition to standard cleaning baskets in different sizes, mesh sizes and designs, we offer stainless steel cleaning baskets for Mafac cleaning machines and customized wire baskets made of stainless steel.
Depending on the design and model, our wire baskets have a large stacking frame, which ensures safely stacking of stainless steel baskets on top of each other for internal transport.  The stainless steel wire baskets can also be separated more easily on the automatic loading conveyor thanks to the stacking frame, of the cleaning basket.


Stainless Steel Wire mesh baskets, bulk good cleaning baskets, stainless steel baskets made of wire mesh,

Our bulk goods baskets are perfectly adapted to the requirements of our customers. They are designed for professional use and meet all requirements of hygiene regulations and ergonomic handling. The bulk goods baskets are designed either with double frames or angled frames, depending on the model to ensure a safe handling. They are 100% burr-free, i.e. there is no risk of injury from detached wire ends.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Baskets
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Baskets with Angular Frame
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Baskets  with Seperator
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Baskets with Double Frames
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Baskets with Wire Frame
Big Wire Mesh Baskets 
Custom Made  Models 
Wire Mesh Baskets with Stackable Frame 
Wire Mesh Baskets with Height-Adjustable Lid
Rectangular Wire Mesh Baskets 
Stainless Steel Mesh Baskets
Ultasonic Cleaning Baskets

Large Stainless steel wire baskets 

We develop and manufacture customized wire baskets depending on the size and request. Large Stainless steel baskets are used especially in the aviation and automotive industries for cleaning bulky and voluminous parts.

Large Stainless Steel Wire Baskets 
Long Stainless Steel Wire Baskets with Angular Frame
Big Wire Baskets with Stacking Frame from Stainless Steel
Big Wire Baskets without Tacking Frame
Round Stainless Steel Wire Baskets 
Big Wire Mesh Baskets 
Extra Large Stainless Steel Square Wire Metal Storage Baskets
Large size Stainless Steel  Wire Metal Storage Baskets
Large size Stainless Steel  Wire Metal  Baskets
Large Wire Mesh Baskets

Small Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Baskets, mini stainless steel baskets,

We offer a large selection of mini baskets, insert baskets. They are specially developed for cleaning small and very small parts. Mini baskets can be used in existing baskets, stainless steel racks or boxes and enable efficient cleaning of small parts or small batches

Mini Stainless Steel Baskets with Lid
Small  Wire Mesh Baskets with Angular Frame
Stainless Steel Basket for Assembly
Small Stainless Steel Wire Baskets with Double Frames 
Small Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Baskets with Lid
Small Wire Mesh Baskets with Stainless Steel Sheets
Small Parts Cleaning Baskets 
Mini Stainless Steel Baskets,

Stainless steel racks, stainless steel cleaning racks,


The stainless steel cleaning racks enables particularly efficient parts cleaning thanks to its open design. The standard sizes have the same dimensions as the standard stainless steel baskets. Several bulk goods baskets as well as several workpiece carriers can be placed in to a stainless steel cleaning rack and allow cleaning of the parts during the same cycle

Stainless Steel Wire Racks
Stainless Steel Wire Racks
Stainless Steel Wire Racks with Wire Mesh Baskets 
Stainless Steel Washing Racks with Wire Baskets 
Stainless Steel wire Racks and Workpiece Carriers
Custom Made Models 
Stainless Steel Racks from Sheet and Profle

Wide range of accessories

Stainless steel cleaning baskets and wire baskets can be configured as required with workpiece-specific inlays, different lid variants, handles, and labeling plates and thus offer an optimized material flow for the end customer.

Accessories for Stainless Steel Baskets 
Stainless Steel Adjustable Cover Lid
Stainless Steel Cover lid 
Stainless Steel Clamping Lid 
Stainless Steel Inserting Bottom
Stainless Steel Seperator 
Stainless Steel Adapterframe
Stainless Steel Compartment Rod

Stainless steel bogie, Stainless steel cleaning frame

We develop and manufacture Stainless steel  customized bogies. Depending on the requirements, the bogies / cleaning racks are equipped with different drive elements, plastic parts, lid variants, handles, labeling plates, inlays and offer an optimized cleaning coating quality for the end customer

Stainless Steel Rotary Trommel
Rotary Drum for Stainless Steel Wire Baskets 
Stainless Steel Bogie for Electroplating and Phosphate Plants
Stainless Steel Cleaning Rack
Stainless Steel Bogie with Toothed Wheels

Wire baskets for medical technology

Our wire baskets and sterilization baskets are perfectly adapted to the requirements of modern hospitals and laboratories. They are designed for professional use and meet all the requirements of hygiene regulations, ergonomic handling and environmental protection. The high quality workmanship ensures the highest aesthetic standards and durability.

Stainless Steel Medical Baskets 
Sterilization Baskets
Sterilization Container
Stainless Steel Sterilization Baskets 
Ultrasonic Cleaning Basket
Optics Basket, Endoscope Baskets
Stainless Steel Medical Wire Basket 
Instrumental Trays

Heat-resistant stainless steel baskets

Our range of products includes tempering baskets, wire mesh baskets, charging baskets, heat-resistant workpiece carriers for various heat treatment processes.
Heat treatment baskets can have a major impact on the efficiency of part finishing processes.
By using alloys specifically selected for the needs of your heat treatment process, Neri baskets offer longer life, less deformation, consistent quality and improved efficiency.

Stainless Steel Heat Treating Baskets
Stainless Steel Heat Treating Trays
Stainless Steel Heat Treating Baskets
Stainless Steel Heat Treatment Furnace Fixture 
Stainless Steel Heat Resistant Part fixtures  Grid Fixtures
Stainless Steel Heat Resistant Part fixtures Pin Fixtures

On the following pages you will find more detailed information about our products, stainless steel baskets and stainless steel cleaning containers.