Surface quality plays a key roll in overall product excellence. The use of raw materials in aggressive environments require enhancing surface finishes.

In the development process, the basis for customer enthusiasm is determined by the surface design: functional and decorative features should fascinate and attract the customers. The target is permanent long-term protection through multifunctional surface coating.

Our process specialists ensure that the parts are perfectly coated for functional characteristics and longerlife.  They guarantie extremely high process stability to fullfill demanding exclusive requirements. 

For a fault-free coating many parameters should be measured, monitored and managed during the simultaneous processes. A faultless “pre-work” is required for an optimal coating result. This includes smooth surfaces and edges, clean welding seam, material free from cracks, blowholes, and other inclusions.


  • Technologien:
  • High quality galvanizing 
  • Electro polishing stainless steel
  • Powder coating
  • Nano sealing
  • Chrom und Nickel coating