Heat Treating Baskets

Hardening, annealing, finishing ...

Workpiece carriers and baskets for extreme use

We specialize in welding products in the field of heat-resistant charging aids as well as in metal construction, container construction and apparatus construction.

Our range of products includes welded charging aids such as guide grids, charge carriers, tempering baskets, traverses, basket inserts, wire mesh baskets, charging baskets, heat-resistant workpiece carriers, as well as hardening boxes for the heat treatment of steel or other metals.

Individual carrier systems precisely support the work processes from the production of the raw parts to the final assembly.

• Optimal workpiece handling
• Customer-specific workpiece holder
• No repositioning of the parts in the production process
• Protection against damage
• Particular reliability in all process stages
• Can be used for external transport

In order to guarantee these advantages even in extreme temperature applications, we also manufacture the workpiece carriers from heat-resistant stainless steel.

good strength properties at high temperatures 
Continuous operation in air up to approx. 1150 ° C
with temperature changes up to approx. 1000 ° C *
perfectly suitable for heat treatment

We use according to customer requirements

  • EN 1.4845 / AISI 310S
  • EN 1.4841 / AISI 314

Both materials are heat-resistant steel. Due to the higher chromium and nickel content and have a good resistance to oxidation. The good strength properties are still present even at higher temperatures. Both also have excellent chemical resistance up to 1100°C.