Medical Baskets

Requirements and expectations for medical devices and equipment are constantly increasing. Customer and application knowledge has become more and more important. As a result of all these, medical baskets are needed.

During the sterilization process of medical baskets, medical devices and instruments used in the health sector; Thanks to the medical baskets in the required heat, pressurized water and cleaning movements in the sterilization device, it provides convenience in fixing and cleaning the instruments during the process. Medical baskets are also known as sterilization baskets.

Neri's products in this field are designed for professional use in hospitals and laboratories. There are many different applications for aseptic, antiseptic and cleaning processes.

Electropolished surfaces and sensitive production and the highest level of cleanliness can be achieved thanks to medical baskets. Medical baskets guarantee a long service life thanks to their robust and robust design.

The common point is that the materials used are suitable for cleaning and disinfection processes. In addition to functionality, the products stand out with their ergonomics, use, comfort, environmental protection and durability. Medical baskets are an indispensable and complementary part of the products, on the other hand, the aesthetic aspect, which is the factor that emphasizes the comfort in hospitals.

All health-related hospitals, dental clinics, clinics, health centers etc. The high-level sterilization and cleaning processes of the instruments used in the processes in all health-related institutions and organizations are carried out by medical wire baskets.

As Neri Makina, we offer you different medical wire basket groups in line with your needs;

NERİ brings efficiency to processes in different industries with its advanced technology, knowledge and sectoral experience.